micro needle skin product delivery therapy



Great for Tree Froggy  product delivery  deep penetration for collagen building serums and creams .

Product  will come with instruction .Skin Restoration,Improve Alopecia, Homecare Therapy, Active ingredient delivery Skin Whitening,Improve skin pigmentation Improve wrinkle (eye area), Improve Alopecia,Collagen Induction,Drug delivery Improves Wrinkle,Collagen Induction,Improve Skin Scar,Cellulite treatment Skin Thickness,Face Firming Face Body Lifting
do not use close to eye.

Direction: roll needles across skin where you would like contour your face and build collagen not nessary but you may  put pentrating serums like ferulic acid , hylouranic acid over the spots.Keep midro needle sanitary by boiling the needle part only to sterlize.