Photon Ultrasonic light therapy



DC 15V  400mA -(normal American plug) with  long cord so spa professionals can move around  patient with ease.

Ultrasonic  or Ultrasound waves  Help serums penetrate into skin, while stimulating collagen

Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound waves,  frequency of more than 3MHz , which can throw into1MM  under the skin , use high  vibration frequency  will have a warm  affect  in the dermis layer  temperature increased by  0.5 - 1' C   improving circulation , and activate skin cell  regeneration  , building collagen,  tightening and lifting of skin taut.

 ultrasonic main function is to lead nutrition  into the skin . Using this  Ultra sonic function  In combination with  Tree Froggy

 skincare product  ultrasonic waves will  deliver product benefits   deep into the skin , completely  over five times  more efficiently .  Ultrasonic  is vibrating  microcurrent  it massages the skin  changes cell volume  so that  he makes blood and lymph circulation  healthier   by stimulating  the metabolism and regenerative  capacity .

LED LIGHT;  color rejuvenation  ;   different color light stimulate actions in deep tissue  and have many different  Healthy  side effects !!

.  Red Light :  . red light is most effective for removing  wrinkles  tighten skin and  baiting appearance of scarsreducing age 5  blood circulation  and improve fibrous tissue  and most important  collagen regeneration  .stimulates blood circulation , . lymph drainage soften skin tissue , . . also . for  eye baggage.

 Blue light : shines  continually  which can kill  probe propionibacterium of acne  healing  acne quickly.. blue light also  shrinks blood vessels enhances protein  and helps fibrous tissue   ,  tightens pores  ,

Excellent for aging skin oily skin and acne.

 Green light ;This is a natural color, with this neutralization and calming function this way is between blue and red so it has a combined action. This is great and this therapy after spa treatments

comes with eye protective glasses and full  instructions