Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about organics , organic performance products,  do products really make a difference? Are all  products  the same with different labels ? if a product says organic is it .?  I see the same content in the ingredients of different brands, are they the same quality, if one is cheaper ? TRUTH ...

Of course  organic makes a difference ! for years companies have been trying to duplicate  mother nature in a  cheaper more efficient way ,  without the effort of  getting the ingredients threw  growing, harvesting ,developing  it is just too much work ! when chemicals that have already been developed in a lab that simulate what mother natures provides naturally. Do they have same effects , maybe temporarily and  Not without side effects! 

 All Products are not the same  The people that are making Organic products care  what is going on your body and that is reflected in the quality what of  the product .. 

If the label has Organic on the front of the label it is truly 98% organic, it can not be on the front label only in the back it it isn't that percentage  sometimes product is mostly organic but can't say that on the front because of water content .. and that's it , so you really have to research ..OR JUST USE TREE FROGGY ORGANICS  AND YOU ALREADY KNOW WHERE WE ARE COMING FROM ! 

Being Honest, some products are cheaper because they are produced by bigger companies ,some are cheaper because they use a lower grade ingredient or just because they are looking to compete with the other brands, remember Do your own research ..