Pilar Cavallo-Campisi

My Tree Froggy Story

As a child I was taught to use what we had in nature for food and health I grew up on a farm in eastern Pennsylvania my mother stayed home planting gardens and cooking everything my family ate was homemade from farm to table. Every day I would have homemade bread, sauces, homemade pastas, and fresh vegetables from our garden or things that she has canned. She taught us at a very young age to do all these things, alongside her as I do today with my family.

My father was a Chiropractor and he loved his job  even though he passed away in 1991 I still hear testimony from people I meet in the strangest places, just  how he helped them and save their lives, he was amazing .

He also was a farmer  his true love, we raised hay for our own animals which we  raised organically .He made deals with farmers to give Chiropractic adjustments to  their families  and their cows, in exchange for pesticide free corn  and  grains for our animals. He was so adamant about raising animals for consumption without  hormones , immunizations, herbicides  and pesticides. And would share his organic beef , chicken and pork ,with his friends.

I was always taught that there was nothing more important than putting only natural things in our diets and our skin.

As a child I would watch with the animals would eat and I would try it also, when they were sick  I noticed a certain things than they needed in their diet. I would see my horses licking dirt by our streams I knew there must be minerals that they needed, I would gather that.

 I knew when my horses were sick & I would stay with them and they would eat certain plants or bark that would make them well.  I wildcrafted these herbs  and made  my own wound dressings  for my animals, me and my best friend . I would read up on these plants and herbs and as a child I would dream of one day helping  people like my father did,  by using my magical potions, poultices, and healing mineral mud masks on them. Now it has come full circle .www.norwegian-spa.com

 I studied under  Dr. John Cavallo ,Shirley De Matte-Cavallo,  mother nature & BAVTS,Clayton  college of nutrition and several other colleges . I am also an Aesthetician  .And never stop learning new things.

-Pilar Cavallo-Campisi .  Owner